marți, 6 martie 2012

Is it?

"I prefer young people" 
He doesn't realize the effect that the words have on me. We all will be in that place : old. As I was saying in a previous post, I believe in karma and having this attitude towards old people can't bring anything good.
It will probably be a time when I will stop people on the street to talk with them and I will try to share some of my wisdom (I hope that I will gather some until then)... I would like that instead of having a "She's the crazy old woman who talks with whoever listens" reaction, people would actually stop, smile and truly listen to what I have to say.
I would like to tell him the ancient line "Who doesn't have elder figures, should buy some" but I stop, because I know that the older person he is talking about isn't such a nice presence. Who am I to tell him that kindness comes from the heart and it should be for everybody.
I remember that not so many years ago I had a very bad reaction at my parents advices. How wrong was I... Instead of appreciating what they had to say, I was seeing myself as the person who knew best. I was just a teenager. Now I have my ears wide open to any words that my mom or my dad have for me. I try to listen first and act after. 
I know that probably some of you won't understand... but wisdom comes with age...

2 comentarii:

  1. Cred că este mai greu dacă nu chiar imposibil să fi oprit pe stradă de oameni necunoscuţi pentru a purta un diaog prin care să fie împărtăşite idei înţelepte. Mai ales astăzi când fiecare merge pe stradă cu gândurile lui şi analizează cum să-şi clasifice lipsurile ce le duce în spinare.

  2. Ar trebui sa va mutati in Norvegia. Aici astepti autobuzul si fara sa realiezi incepi o conversatie cu alte persoane care asteapta. Totul porneste de la o intrebare "A trecut cumva autobuzul?" sau "Ma scuzati, am auzit ca vorbeati de vreme, ei bine... " si tot asa ... La cat de vorbareata sunt, mi-am gasit locul :))))