duminică, 11 martie 2012

At 2 am...

She is trying to keep her eyes closed, but the image in her head is hunting her. The crazy woman's face appears deformed and creepy. It is worse than she first saw her. The cuts on her inner lip, the childish voice, her black hair and her red eyes, were all she could see. She finally decides that the darkness of the room is less horrifying. She rounds the room, as too see if any shape that shouldn't be there made its entrance. It is safe. For now. What if someone would open the door now? She would probably die alone, from a scarce. Shameful! Again, the voice is talking in her head, and she is terrified with each passing moment. 
She tries to put in her head images of the people she loved. But unfortunately all of them are far away. She can't see their faces anymore and the images she barely remembers are transformed. The teeth are deformed, the eyes are loosing their color and red blood is filling them, the hair is either falling or raising. She can't take it anymore. Why are these images following her? 
She knows that tonight the nightmares will be back. At home they were there only twice a year. When she was stressed. Now she is alone. No one to wake her up in the middle of the night. Last week she woke up because she started screaming. She needs someone. She really needs someone. 

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