miercuri, 7 martie 2012

Flirting ...

As I was working hard for my project, in a small "mind break" (I take this kind of breaks every 10 minutes or so for 30 minutes :)))) ) I started thinking about my "flirting when I have some alcohol in the system" mode and I realized some bad, bad connection that my drunk neurons make. Even as I write, I blush!!!
So... imagine me kissing a guy. Enjoying very much the kissing. Actually stop talking with myself while kissing (you know, that thing girls do all the time : OVER THINKING!!). And suddenly a big flow of information popping in my head. 
"Wooow. This guy is really nice. I really think that he is one of the nicest guys I met. I mean, with my previous luck, nice guy has a pretty low scale in my mind, but this guy is really really nice. Not just now, all the time. I think. I suppose. I should tell him."
" Uuuuu.. I love this song! LaaaLaaaLaaa.. "
Still kissing
"Oh wait. Where was I? Ah  ... nice guy, nice kissing! Nice guy. Sweet guy. Sweet like chocolate. I love chocolate. I would eat some chocolate, but not now. Cause he kisses really good! Seriously I should tell him that he is a really sweet guy! Sweet as chocolate!! I'm gonna tell him! Chocolate guy! HiHiHi"
So I stop kissing him, I stare into his eyes. A long stare where I tried to put all the emotion I felt. I bet that not being able to keep my eyes open and slightly shaking my head because of the lack of balance didn't help too much at the emotion part. Anyway, as I was looking into his eyes I realized that I really enjoy his presence. And he is a nice guy. Sweet as chocolate. What did I tell him?
"I could eat you all up! Not just your face! All of you! EAT YOU ALL UP!!"

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