marți, 28 februarie 2012


Grapes and white chocolate go very well together when you are stressed. Thank God I'm a woman and I will feel guilty "only" tomorrow! Hope skating will minimize the guiltiness! If not, for sure Zumba or Spinning will do miracles! Keep the finger crossed and a positive attitude! And wish me, not to break a leg, but to pass my exam!


Story of my life? Arriving late at interviews... 
What happened this time? Two companies with similar names, having the offices close one to the other. Only one of the companies has bigger offices, thus making itself better noticed. 
So imagine me leaving at 11:45 in order to arrive at the interview earlier. Asking for directions and fortunately obtaining them. Starting conversation with a total stranger, just because he is going to help me in my "quest". Not paying attention to my map, instead having a really nice conversation with the Norwegian guy (love this thing about Norway). Arriving at the company 15 minutes early. 
"Can I help you?" the receptionist asked me with a big smile on her face.
"Actually I have an interview at 1 o'clock, but I arrived earlier in order to be sure that I will find the building at the right time. It seems that you are pretty easy to find" I answered smiling back at her (I think my smile was bigger than hers. It sounds creepy, but it actually isn't ... or wasn't... or I hope it wasn't!). 
"Can you tell me the name of the person you have an interview with?"
"Of course... Bla bla.."
"Hmmm.. Can you tell me a last name?"
"Better. I can give you a business card" 
"Hmmm... This is not the company you are looking for"
"This is another company"
"The offices of this other company are in the other side of the school"
"...." (in the same time, in my mind ""#¤"#%¤#&#"&/&(/&(& FUUUUUUCCCCCCCCK")
"Hmmmm... here is your card back"
".... have a nice day" (I was still smiling, but it was that awkward stupid smile... like you see on puppies when they piss on the carpet!)

As I was leaving from this office I was looking at my HAND MADE map, in order to see if I can figure out where I am. I was still pretty chilled knowing that if I won't find the offices in time I will call and tell them I am lost. After 10 minutes I reached my phone. I dialed the number pleased that I was smart enough to bring the brochures from the company. Instead of hearing the sound of an outgoing call I hear the Norwegian voice that was probably telling me "Dear Sucker... this is the wrong day to not check your credit on the phone. U're poor! U can't make even one call! Nothing.. MUHAHAHA!!!". I froze. I took a deep breath and after telling myself that I can't miss the opportunity to have an interview with this company I mobilized my energy and my logic... Go back to the bus station. Go back on the previous station. Search for the streets that appear on the map. After 10 more minutes I was on the right track. And after 5 more minutes I found the company. Ieei. 
What can you learn from this : never give up, never stop searching, er.. don't take a hand made map ... and check your credit before going to an interview.

vineri, 24 februarie 2012

Fuuny? Funny!!!

How can someone forget to be funny? I personally blame it on English, cause in Romanian I am hilarious. In Romanian I can make you laugh about all the non-sense that happened to me. Starting with my great and entertaining love life, to my perfect computer skills and of course, let's not forget about the situations in which I make a total fool out of myself.
One of those situations? I saw at a guy's status on Facebook something like "Miss my J.". If you see that status on someone's wall, what do you think he's talking about? Oh, he misses his girlfriend or his friend, or his sister, or his brother or something like that, no? Well, my first thought was : "I miss my dog too!". And since I am all about first thoughts I opened his chat window and told him I miss my dog too, I can't wait to go home and see it and other clearly love dog related stuff. But after I finished writing the last word, I realized that maybe I'm wrong.. and because I kinda' liked him I tried to cheer things up with: "Hmmm... I hope J is not your nephew or something... cause even if I compare kids with dogs, it would be just wrong to compare your own nephew with my dog... Still dogs are easier to handle than kids! :))) (LNCSCLB - laughing nervously with chances of start crying in a little bit)".
The next one? I am trying to improve my Spanish. So that implies that sometimes when I am with the Spanish people I try to contribute with Spanish words at the conversation. We were talking about drinking and the home made beer we are drinking here in Norway. And I wanted to say that besides beer I like tequila shots. Or something shots. SHOTS! In Romania when you are a bit drunk you are "ciupit" and from a soap opera or who knows what bloody song or video I made the connection between the Romanian "ciupit" and the Spanish "ciupar" and in the middle of the conversation I said that "Me gusta ciupar". Everybody stopped talking and stared at me. Because I didn't like the silence surrounding me, I felt the need to repeat myself and I said again "Que pasa? Me gusta ciupar!". At this second "ciupar" a burst of laughter began. And continued for a while. I laughed only because everybody else was laughing, and just to be sure I was the cause I said "No me gusta ciupar?". I found out later that I was telling everyone that I like to suck... GREAT!!!

miercuri, 22 februarie 2012

Thoughts from the shadows...

Poza luata de aici
She was hearing voices from the next room and she realized that it's time to open her eyes. The white ceiling was staring cruel at her. "Another day of waiting for him... locked into his room". She stretched out her hand hoping that maybe he didn't leave, but he was long gone. With a heavy sigh she closed her eyes. Images of the night that passed were rushing in her head. "Is it all worth this?" she thought while she strained her legs. She had to go to the bathroom, but the people from the next room were still talking. She didn't want to face any of them. Not after all that happened. It wasn't even her fault. All because of that shameless bitch, who started talking about lies and cheating and everything. Why do people care about her life, who is she dating, what is she doing here? Why is she supposed to talk with someone about him? She stopped breathing for a second while the voices moved to the corridor. But no, unfortunately the voices kept on going. She was sick of hiding. She remembered the last conversation she had with her. "I will still talk with you, but don't expect things to be as they were." she said with a chocked voice "I trusted you and you hurt me. I don't care about him. You hurt me!" she continued with a sad smile.
"Sad my ass. Cow! What was she expecting? To rush to her as soon as I slept with him? And tell her what? Excuse me, I slept with the same guy you slept a few weeks ago? And let me tell you he has some magic fingers, uhuuu? Seriously!" She let a growl escape from between her lips and she tightened her fists. "I hate her!"
Suddenly the voices stopped. Did they hear her? She could hear her heart beating and she felt like in a horror movie. The front door opened and she heard a voice saying something and then everybody laughing. She knew it was her. She was in the next room, talking out loud, laughing and surrounded by people. "And I am here. Alone. In the dark. Waiting for him. Is it worth it?"

vineri, 10 februarie 2012

But alone?

"The white ceiling stares at me, as much as I stare at it. I try to come up with some words that can express what I feel, but the letters seem to fade away with each attempt. I want to say so many things... my story, but the fear of failing strangles my thoughts."
The light entered the room and a strange breeze made her tremble. She put her head on the sofa and turned her green eyes towards the window. The grey clouds and the dark snow didn't help. When did she become this person. Where are the books she always bought? Where are the documentaries she always watched? Where is the bench near the green tree and the love story that gave her hope?She couldn't watch anymore. She faced the ceiling again and then she turned her eyes at her drawings. They reminded her about the first years of college. A tear was making its way on the cheek.
She closed her eyes and she tried to remember her second day on the bicycle. It was awful, her ass hurt like hell, but she was proud of the moment when she hooped alone on the two wheeled monster. She knew after that moment that she can do everything. And when she was on top of the tree, walking on some not to steady pieces of wood... on one side she had the forest on the other the magnificent view. And she was on top of the world. She can do everything. And when she was on the small stone, between to two rocks. Definitely she can do it. 
But alone?