miercuri, 22 februarie 2012

Thoughts from the shadows...

Poza luata de aici
She was hearing voices from the next room and she realized that it's time to open her eyes. The white ceiling was staring cruel at her. "Another day of waiting for him... locked into his room". She stretched out her hand hoping that maybe he didn't leave, but he was long gone. With a heavy sigh she closed her eyes. Images of the night that passed were rushing in her head. "Is it all worth this?" she thought while she strained her legs. She had to go to the bathroom, but the people from the next room were still talking. She didn't want to face any of them. Not after all that happened. It wasn't even her fault. All because of that shameless bitch, who started talking about lies and cheating and everything. Why do people care about her life, who is she dating, what is she doing here? Why is she supposed to talk with someone about him? She stopped breathing for a second while the voices moved to the corridor. But no, unfortunately the voices kept on going. She was sick of hiding. She remembered the last conversation she had with her. "I will still talk with you, but don't expect things to be as they were." she said with a chocked voice "I trusted you and you hurt me. I don't care about him. You hurt me!" she continued with a sad smile.
"Sad my ass. Cow! What was she expecting? To rush to her as soon as I slept with him? And tell her what? Excuse me, I slept with the same guy you slept a few weeks ago? And let me tell you he has some magic fingers, uhuuu? Seriously!" She let a growl escape from between her lips and she tightened her fists. "I hate her!"
Suddenly the voices stopped. Did they hear her? She could hear her heart beating and she felt like in a horror movie. The front door opened and she heard a voice saying something and then everybody laughing. She knew it was her. She was in the next room, talking out loud, laughing and surrounded by people. "And I am here. Alone. In the dark. Waiting for him. Is it worth it?"

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