vineri, 24 februarie 2012

Fuuny? Funny!!!

How can someone forget to be funny? I personally blame it on English, cause in Romanian I am hilarious. In Romanian I can make you laugh about all the non-sense that happened to me. Starting with my great and entertaining love life, to my perfect computer skills and of course, let's not forget about the situations in which I make a total fool out of myself.
One of those situations? I saw at a guy's status on Facebook something like "Miss my J.". If you see that status on someone's wall, what do you think he's talking about? Oh, he misses his girlfriend or his friend, or his sister, or his brother or something like that, no? Well, my first thought was : "I miss my dog too!". And since I am all about first thoughts I opened his chat window and told him I miss my dog too, I can't wait to go home and see it and other clearly love dog related stuff. But after I finished writing the last word, I realized that maybe I'm wrong.. and because I kinda' liked him I tried to cheer things up with: "Hmmm... I hope J is not your nephew or something... cause even if I compare kids with dogs, it would be just wrong to compare your own nephew with my dog... Still dogs are easier to handle than kids! :))) (LNCSCLB - laughing nervously with chances of start crying in a little bit)".
The next one? I am trying to improve my Spanish. So that implies that sometimes when I am with the Spanish people I try to contribute with Spanish words at the conversation. We were talking about drinking and the home made beer we are drinking here in Norway. And I wanted to say that besides beer I like tequila shots. Or something shots. SHOTS! In Romania when you are a bit drunk you are "ciupit" and from a soap opera or who knows what bloody song or video I made the connection between the Romanian "ciupit" and the Spanish "ciupar" and in the middle of the conversation I said that "Me gusta ciupar". Everybody stopped talking and stared at me. Because I didn't like the silence surrounding me, I felt the need to repeat myself and I said again "Que pasa? Me gusta ciupar!". At this second "ciupar" a burst of laughter began. And continued for a while. I laughed only because everybody else was laughing, and just to be sure I was the cause I said "No me gusta ciupar?". I found out later that I was telling everyone that I like to suck... GREAT!!!

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