sâmbătă, 16 iunie 2012

A new beginning... or is it?

I was running like hell towards the hotel. I really didn't want to be late and I really didn't want to make a bad impression. When I finally reached the gate I was sure that my nightmare was over... until I jumped on the platform and the carpet ran from under my feet. I landed straight into my ass with a cloud of dust surrounding me. With a long sigh I started wondering "How did I end up being stressed over some plates??". And it hit me!
I heard the phone ringing and it seemed like a thunder striking my nerves. Irritated I opened one eye and I fixed it on the phone hoping that during the 2 hours of sleep i developed some super ability that could help me crush the person that called me. Or maybe just the phone. Or maybe I could at least turn off the sound. But no. Nothing happened. I was the same loser I had been before going to sleep. After 10 looong seconds the room was silent once more. Unfortunately, the voices in my head were awake.
Definitely I couldn't sleep anymore. Dizzy, I tried to get out of bed, but a force (called laziness) kept pulling me towards the bed. I stopped trying. Facing the white ceiling the unwanted thoughts came like a tsunami and I realized that tears were rushing on my face again.
"Stop it Cata" I told myself with a firm tone. At the same time, the phone made the message noise. "Saved by the bell"
The message was from F's friend. Seriously?? After 1 month he sends me a message??? I actually lost hope. What if it's a prank? Who has a job on Saturday at 5?? It must be something fishy, cause it's too weird.
Of course I had a lot of doubts regarding the job. But if I had to chose between the party (were I was supposed to face my problems) and the risk of being a prank... I would take the risk. I would take 100 risks. I would walk in Romania and come back when I could find my mojo!
At 5, without telling anybody (it wasn't like I was hiding, I just didn't find anybody to tell) I went downtown to meet the guy and with him I entered in a whole new world.