miercuri, 11 aprilie 2012

For you!

We pass one by the other like we are strangers. It's been so long since we do that and now I don't even notice him. The first time was the hardest, cause I actually care about all the people I talk with. I cared a little about him too. But now, I can look into his eyes and feel nothing. Not even the shadow of an emotion. We were and we will continue to be strangers.
I start thinking about you. I'm doing that a lot, lately. The yellow sheets, the wet cat and the melted ice cream. It's like my center of tranquility. The last 7 days were some hard days for me, but the thought that I will talk with you by the end of the day was actually helping me get through the long hours, the  bleeding heart and the lack of tears.
A voice from my headphones brings me back to reality. I can understand clearly what she is saying. "Como me duele". A node is stuck intro my throat. I have two choices from this moment : to start crying here, in front of everybody, or to take a deep breath and put a smile on my face. It is said that having a smile on your face brings other smiles. It's really hard to smile when you don't want to. But even so, I start with a fake smile. It won't take long until the moment I meet one of them, and they will make me smile. I am sure about that.
Thank you.
Iti multumesc si tie in dulcele grai romanesc. Nu doar pentru ca ma asculti. Ci pentru ca imi vorbesti atunci cand tac.
Si nu doar tie. Ci si lor, pentru ca si ele sunt undeva, acolo. Si nu doar lor. Multumesc!