vineri, 10 februarie 2012

But alone?

"The white ceiling stares at me, as much as I stare at it. I try to come up with some words that can express what I feel, but the letters seem to fade away with each attempt. I want to say so many things... my story, but the fear of failing strangles my thoughts."
The light entered the room and a strange breeze made her tremble. She put her head on the sofa and turned her green eyes towards the window. The grey clouds and the dark snow didn't help. When did she become this person. Where are the books she always bought? Where are the documentaries she always watched? Where is the bench near the green tree and the love story that gave her hope?She couldn't watch anymore. She faced the ceiling again and then she turned her eyes at her drawings. They reminded her about the first years of college. A tear was making its way on the cheek.
She closed her eyes and she tried to remember her second day on the bicycle. It was awful, her ass hurt like hell, but she was proud of the moment when she hooped alone on the two wheeled monster. She knew after that moment that she can do everything. And when she was on top of the tree, walking on some not to steady pieces of wood... on one side she had the forest on the other the magnificent view. And she was on top of the world. She can do everything. And when she was on the small stone, between to two rocks. Definitely she can do it. 
But alone?

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