vineri, 2 martie 2012

Are you straight?

"Are u straight?"
At hearing the question a mountain of thoughts popped into my mind. I never spoke with this guy, except the usual "Hi". And I know I don't look as my best in this environment, but let's face it, who would wear their good clothes or high heels at washing dishes? There's one situation in which I would do that and it implies a cute guy who's telling very good jokes near me! But in a 6 hour washing dishes job I swear I wouldn't get near my high heels. Or would I... Again it would be necessary a VERY good looking guy that has some top of the mountain jokes! I would come with my sexy blouse if ... Oh wait... I'm still staring at the guy and a voice delivers back into my head the "straight" question. Don't I look straight? I mean maybe that's THE answer of my failures in finding a guy. Maybe I don't look straight. But still, I think it should be pretty stupid for a guy to think that I'm "on the other side" and not try to do something something. Cause let's face it "three some" wouldn't be a big deal for someone who isn't straight. It's not such a big deal for straight people... Oh.. yes it is! Probably it's a big deal for gays too. But for bi. But he didn't ask me if I was bi... DAMN! I think he had enough of staring. 
"Hmmm... Usually I try to walk as straight as I can... "
I'm not sure if he's smiling at my answer or at me. I mean what can I answer??? 
"Why? Don't I look straight enough to you. Or did you mean to ask me if I'm straight in some other way?"
I raise one of my eyebrows waiting for an answer and I'm really curious if he wants to start a conversation in this area. I mean ... Seriously!! Don't I look straight???
"Hmm. It's written on your shirt. Streit-og-somethingsomething and I was wondering if you are STREIT". 

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