miercuri, 27 februarie 2013

Deal with the Devil...

The day in which i lost my soul is a sad day for the humanity, because since then you all feel the emptiness that surrounds you! But hey, let's not jump the big story behind this event!!
If u would have known a bit of Romanian, you would have read by now that I tend to give our Great Lord some good old funny stand-up comedies shows. And not just Him, I bet that He gathers all the angels when he plans something for me, cause who doesn't enjoy a group laughter? WHO?
So, I was having a crush on a high school colleague and I took the wrong decision to borrow him my math notebook, at the back of which I draw some really top art drawings of my name. At which I added his name. So it was actually looking more like a ... whole name. Like, my first name had his last name. LAME, I KNOW! But even so, he didn't seem to notice me, so I decided (a bad decision, once again) to take things to the next level. Oh, God is gonna have a good laugh when I'll remind Him about this.
If the guy doesn't have the courage to tell me that he likes me, I will squeeze that out of him. Or maybe give him some hints about the fact that i liked him (because maybe the drawings weren't a hint enough). I wasn't as franc as I am now. Now i really don't care about the answer, so I tend to skip the part where I pretend to wait for someone to like me and i start liking that someone even if it's a stupid thing to act as.
So, 10 years ago, we had a thing called radio(for all of you with ipad, iphones and other gadgets, remember that our radio was a big BOX). And not just any radio, but a radio trough which we lived, loved, listened everything. Oh, the original tapes I ruined, just to record some wannabe big song. Wow! And the best part? Everybody was listening the same thing (we barely had 2 or 3 music radio channels) so if you wanted to dedicate something to someone, it would have been listened by all the town. What better way to tell a guy that you liked him? No? Armed with a nice text i took the phone in my room, i dialed the radio's number and I waited for someone to pick. Catrinel told me that it's a red line and I should consider myself a very lucky person if I get to talk with someone. Well, unfortunately for me, I was very lucky. It ringed once and I heard a voice at the other line 
"Hello? Can I hear your dedication?"
"Hello. I... I.... I would like to chooce one song for ... I ... (choke)" I said in a very i.want.to.sound.calm.but.i'm.sure.i'm.not voice.
"Sweety, does your mum know that you are using her telephone?"
"?!?!?! What?" (I was almost 16, what the F@#%$#^)
"Do you want a song for your mommy? Sweety? Are u still there?"
"Yes. And no, i don't want a song for my mommy! (or do I??!?!?!). I would like to dedicate a song for Z... from this high school, and I would like to tell him that someone has a crush on him... Aaa.. and i would like the song to be Bla "
"Uuuu ... little girl is in love? What did u say your name was, sweety?"
"I'M NOT A LITTLE GIRL!!! I AM 16!!! And... can the dedication be anonymous? PLEASEEEEEE.."
"Oh sweety, u're so cute!!! I could eat you all up!! And u have such a nice voice. If u want it anonymous, it will be anonymous. HAHAHAHA"
After hanging up I had some not worth mentioning words towards the person i talked with, being grateful tough that the conversation wasn't live. The day passed without any big events, the night came and the morning as well.
From the first moment I stepped into my classroom,  I knew something is fishy. It was too quiet. For a class filled with 21 loud guys, you could actually hear the flies. And that couldn't be ok, especially for a 10am class.
"Hello?", one of the guys tells me gently.
"Hello" I answer doubtfully.
Another guy starts humming the song Bla.
Another one : "Can I ... Can I ... Can I hear your dedica..." and he stops, cause a burst of laughter gets out his mouth.
My subconscious tries to tell me something, but I am too lost to hear it.
Two guys start to sing out loud the Bla song and another says into a show voice "The little girl in love would like to offer this song for Z"
OH MY GOD. As my brain finally gets the signals, its too late. My classroom seems like a bad cover of the radio show in which I am the main character. FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!!
"It was live?" I hear my soft voice, as the question gets out of my mouth.
"GUYS, GUUUUYS!! SHE DIDN'T KNOW SHE WAS LIVE" more laughs from my colleagues. "LITTLE GIRL DIDN'T KNOW SHE WAS LIVE" "Should we call your mommy??"
This went on until the teacher came. And after that in all the breaks from that day. And the entire week. And the week that passed. It seemed like the whole school listened that fucking live. Except Z. He was the only one that didn't hear anything. And the people who later told him the story, left out the part in which he was the crush.
So guys... never chose to tell someone you have some kind of feelings for them without checking first if they will hear it.

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