miercuri, 27 februarie 2013

This is love!

As I open my eyes, I see the sunshine lighting up the white wall in front of me. I feel the weight of your arm on my waist and I am grateful that the past night wasn't a dream. My back is a perfect match with your shoulder line and my body feels like he found its missing piece. We are surrounded by a peaceful silence and my heart is filled with a belonging sensation. I belong to you and with you. I turn and put my face in the crack of your neck. As the scent of you conquers my nostrils, I remember your kisses and the softness of your lips. I close my eyes. If only life would stop now, at this moment, at us.
Your soft breath touches my forehead and your heart beat brings sweet music in my ears. I open my eyes again and raise my head to face your beautiful lips. A strand of hair is raising from your head and it looks perfect. The sun draws the lines of your head and it feels like in a fairytale. If only it would last forever.
You move your hand and gently squeeze me closer to you. A shadow of a smile appears on your face, because you know that I am already up, looking at you.
"I love your beautiful green eyes. And they are watching me. Since when, I wonder?" you slowly say as you open your eyes. I am waiting for my good morning kiss, but instead of touching my lips, you plant a kiss on top of my head. On my forehead. On my nose. I am finally staring in the blue ocean of your eyes and I see myself in them. I see a peaceful, sincere and innocent human, that truly loves you. Because yes, this is love. You finally kiss my lips and I know for sure it is love. This is love.

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