sâmbătă, 17 septembrie 2011

Unspoken words...

"I wanted to write something about you. I won't. I'll write about the green, green trees, blue, blue sky and red, red lips. Here's a new place without you and me. Nothings screams your name, nothing has your face and nothing makes me think about who I was. The room has a new, fresh smell and my eyes see every morning a new light. The tears I dropped once won't hunt me, because here, the floor didn't felt the weight of my tears, the walls didn't saw the shadows of my despair.
I try to remember why I laughed so much when we were as one. Instead I remember your hands and your touch, your skin. I see my face in the mirror. My smile isn't the same. You took my naive smile and you left me this ironic half of smile. I see the last moment we had. I was looking at you. You were staring at your shoes. I don't remember who was the first the leave. 
You know what's the funny thing? I never wanted something bad for you. Even when you ripped my heart out. I always hoped that you will be happy. I still hope that you will find what you are searching for. 
Damn. I said I will talk about the trees, sky and lips. Well, the trees are green, the sky is blue and the lips... The lips are as red as you know them..."
He read the letter again and again. When he finally stopped reading the words, he knew that he will never forgive himself. Now it was too late. He picked up the other letter he threw on the floor and with tears in his eyes he read the last sentence "I don't know is she would have wanted you to read it. Maybe if that car wouldn't have taken her life, the letter would still have been in a drawer....". He saw a drop on the paper, and then another one, and then another one. He raised his head and closed his eyes. Now the drops of rain were melting with his tears. He heard a voice screaming, but realized that it was his own. Now he was whispering like a mad man. One whisper that won't bring her back. "You left me staring at my shoes..."

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