vineri, 23 septembrie 2011

With the roots in my hand... i'm looking for fertile soil! Stavanger, here I come!

Michael Buble - Feeling Good

In the pitch black surrounding me an image of a big TV appeared. On that TV I am seeing a lot of numbers and a lot of words in a language I don't know. It's all black again. After a few more seconds another image appears. This time it's a door through which a lot of shadows are passing. After blinking for a few times, I realize that I'm not in a dream, I just have a hard time waking up. 
I'm feeling my eyes very heavy and my back hurts like hell. I will try to sleep in another place the next time I end up in a station at midnight. But until then I have to get up and start my day. After hearing all the stories about guys that left their luggage unsupervised that either they end up at the police or without them, I thought (What the F**k) I can't leave my "monster truck" here. So fully packed with the luggage, I started looking for a bathroom. Of course, in order to go to the bathroom I had to pay 10 crowns! Ain't that cute? But it's WRONG! Ok, so let's recap what's happening here : I have a wallet with 200 pounds, my mouth screams for water in, my bladder screams for water out and my belly doesn't scream anymore and that's strange cause it means that I will soon die! Not really. No. I won't die. But I might, because my belly is to quiet. Anyway, my point is that I have money in my wallet, but not the right kind of money. In the middle of the hallway I start laughing of my situation. What else can I do? Go from here to the train station. That is definitely a good idea. After asking the security guy of it's location I went for it. Cause there I have to find an Exchange Point. No? Well, the faith reserved me a bank on my way to the train station. And not just a bank, but a bank that has in it's vicinity a wall with plug. Iei. I am saved.
Of course the bank will open in a couple of hours, after my first train to Stavanger, but it still is a good think that i found it. I put my phone in the plug, I put my laptop in the plug and I am much happier than at the beginning of the day. When I saw people arrive at the bank I immediately started floating to the exchange point and after changing the money I ran (even if I had my luggage I was able to run!! I think thirst and hunger can give u supernatural powers) to a shop and I bought a large bottle of water. I drank like it was my last day on Earth.
Of course, my next trip was to the bathroom (after buying the ticket to Stavanger, cause I didn't want to miss it) and there I had to put coins into a machine. It was the same system as in the metro station. But for the bathrooms. So i took a coin, put it in the machine and ... nothing cause the coin slipped outside. I picked up the coin, looked at the machine again and put it again. Nothing. Maybe i just have to put it through. I pushed the things that were standing between me and the bathroom door without any luck. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I heard an inside voice. My bladder was going crazy! Shhh. Like in cartoons i picked the coin and put it again. And picked it again and put it again. Until a door opened. Angels started singing and the light coming from that door was heavenly! A guy from the security... Security for the bathroom ?!?!?! That's a new one. So, a guy from the security of the bathroom came outside, took my coin, put it in the machine and opened the door. Of course the place where I should have put the coin was elsewhere then where I was trying to put it. Anyway I had a victory a few seconds later. And another one before I went in the train. Happy me!

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