marți, 13 septembrie 2011

With the roots in my hand... i'm looking for fertile soil! The trip 6

The first thing i notice about Oslo (i mean about the train station from Oslo) is that, on Friday night, here are a lot of young drunk people. And when i say drunk, i don't mean sweet drunk, laugh drunk or sad drunk, i mean drunk like shit, that aren't able to sit on a bench. Or to keep their legs one next to the other. How do I know that? In one corner of the station where i was the security guys tried to "resuscitate" the guy who felt on the floor and in the other corner there were two drunk girls, with short dresses. And long legs. And black panties (i don't know that by choice!). To tell you the truth it didn't really bother me that much. As long as they mind their own business, they can do whatever they want.
I was a little scared about this night, because on our way to Oslo (from Sweden) everybody asked me what am I doing in Oslo and if there isn't someone waiting for me.
I was very confident when i answered "Of course not! I will try to find a hotel. I searched one that is near town and I'll start looking for it when I arrive there".
What was the reaction? "Are you sure you want to do that? Oslo is a dangerous city! A lot of drug addicts run around the train station" (that was a lady standing next to me)
"I shouldn't keep that little purse there, cause it will be the first thing that they will steal!"
"I don't mean to scare you, but you should be really careful, cause it's a very dangerous place to be, especially during the night."
I think my face started to change radically because i heard someone saying "Hey, it's not that bad. You look like them and they don't usually steal or harm someone of their own nationality"
Great. My only protection was the fact that I looked like a Norwegian! That, and knowing that no one could run with my monster luggage. Well, if i ever thought to leave the train station at the beginning of my trip, now i'm sure that as soon as the bus stops in the station, I will tie myself and my luggage to a chair and won't untie anything until the sun will be way up in the sky!
"No, seriously.. You will be fine! You don't only look like a norwegian, you talk like one too" i heard the same guy. (Was he telling me in a nice way that i talked all the time and i laughed and made fun of everything?)
"Come on guys" the lady from the front seat told everybody "is enough that she has to spend one night alone in Oslo! Now she has to spend one night alone and scared in Oslo? Girl, listen to me! Nothing will happen to you if you stay in the light (nice way to cheer me up!) and when the day comes you will see that the city is actually really nice!"
As I started telling myself earlier, the first thing i noticed was that there's a lot of drunk guys, the second was that nobody really cared. The third one was that everybody thought that I was from there!! They came and asked something (of course i didn't understood any word!), and after my surprised look and nice english answer they went to find the correct answer in some other part of the station.
Now, being here, it doesn't look so bad. I mean i'm not afraid to stay here. Back home i would have pissed a few times just at the thought that i have to spend more that one hour in the train station. And don't let me start with the fear i would have felt anytime a shadow would have appeared somewhere near me! Definitely this is far from being a frightening place.
The security men took the drunk guy outside. The girls left. The train station is almost empty. I search for a quiet corner and after i arrange all my bags I take out my "Lost Symbol" and start reading. And soon... i fall into a dreamless sleep.

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  1. acasa e mai rau sa ramai peste noapte intr-o gara, singurica...