duminică, 11 septembrie 2011

With the roots in my hand... i'm looking for fertile soil! The trip 5

I opened my eyes and i realized that I'm not in Kansas anymore. The guys left to find their loved ones and for the first time since my trip, I am all alone surrounded by foreign strangers.  I looked at my luggage and i remembered my mom saying "Cata, are you sure you will manage with carrying this monster?". My stubbornness answered very cocky "Of course, mom! How hard can it be? I'll smile until someone helps me".
Now, looking around in the Oslo train station's waiting room, I am thinking that the only person i could smile to is to drunk to carry himself, nevermind my luggage! It's 3am and even if there is a lot of rumor, it feels like i'm in a empty room, cause all the people enter through one door just to get out on the other.
My stomach sings like an opera lead singer (I had to throw my food this morning, so Today i ate only one sandwich and some waffles), but since i don't have any crowns i can't buy anything. Who would have guessed that i have so many useless money in my wallet? Ok, useless for the moment. And I'm so thirsty.
I feel my eyes very heavy and i guess that the two bus days that passed are starting to count. I put the baggage close to various parts of my body (leave the dirty thinking! I mean close to my back, or my foot or even my hand!). I think that this behavior shows how much of a romanian I still am! Filip knows very well what I am talking about, cause he slept into a train and when he waked up he discovered that he lost even the jacket that covered his body! I don't want to lose my monster pack after fighting with it for so many countries (to tell the you the truth, i just carried it for 5 min from the bus until this bench, but it was a true fight!). Anyway the point is that I was very tired. I put my hand on the "monster" and my head on my hand. I tried to lie to my body that the hard wood underneath my ass is actually a very comfortable mattress, the hand underneath my head is a big pillow (if only it would have been so big) and the hunched back position is actually the best that I could find. I almost fooled myself when a big noise pulled me from my mirage and brought me back in the train station. The drunk guy felt from the bench on the floor.Great!

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