marți, 12 martie 2013

A story about you...

There was a time, long ago, when I had a heart. A heart that felt every ray of sunshine, whisper of wind and drops of morning dew, a heart good enough to be given. And then... you came along. 
This is not the story of how I lost my heart, in an already lost battle. This is not a love story, but it's a story about love. True love it is said to come only once in a life time. What happens if it comes in the perfect moment for one, but at a wrong one for the other?
John was trying to convince me to go at the concert. I think he thought it was the perfect moment to come out of the closet. No, he wasn't gay, but he had feelings for me and he wanted to use the concert to reveal everything. I was a bit humored by his sweetness. Even so, I was used with his presence every day. He was one of the few people that accepted me as I was. Mean and ironic. 
I remember the first time we met. I was going to ask my sister for an advice concerning an exam I had that afternoon. She was near her colleagues and John was one of them. As I asked my sister's help, he came along and told me all that I needed to do in order to pass the exam. Instead of thanking him, I raised and eyebrow and told him in a very disgusted tone "Did anybody ask you anything? Could you mind your own business, please? ". He dropped his mouth and left without any other words. Thanks to what he told me I passed my exam. Then and there I realized that he was well intended. But that didn't mean I was any less meaner with him. And I think he kinda liked me for that. 
"Please Cata, let's go. I know you like the bands, I know you like the crowd... why would you stay home? Let's go!!"
"If you wouldn't beg as much, probably I would go, but with a whiner I don't feel that safe!" I was telling him laughing at his sweet tone.
"Cata, stop joking around. Would you feel better if I'd hit you with a bat and dragged you at the concert?"
"There isn't a brave enough bone in your entire body to hit me. I have better chances to trip over something and hit my head!! " and as I finished my sentence I started pinching him hard. 
He started laughing as soon as I touched his skin. I think I always gained points with my pinching. It didn't matter how mad he was over whatever I said, every time I pinched him he was laughing. 
"Come on, Cata!!" he was saying in between the laughs "Stop it!".
He caught my hands tightly and steadied me like I was made of rags. He moved his face near mine and looked me deeply in the eyes. I could feel my heart beat and as I was looking back into his big brown eyes I felt something else. Instead of kissing me, he used one of his hands to pinch me and the moment was gone. 
We started a war and after hitting him lots of times with a pillow I realized that I don't want to stay home.

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