marți, 24 iulie 2012

A cuban fairy tale... in a romanian story! ... 2

"I know you from somewhere, but I seem to forget from where..." he tells me with a sweet latin accent, waking me up from my open eyed dreaming. I always heard the expression "having stomach butterflies" but I never had this feeling, until now! (actually i recently had another "stomach butterflies" effect, but probably that's gonna be another failed story for you to read here :))) ). 
"You saved your last dance for me at the salsa party" I answer with a large smile on my face. I always wanted to say this line, since I saw it in "Save your last dance for me"... It was finally time to say it!  MUHAHAHA
"Ah, Yes! I remember you! The Romanian girl!"
OMG! He remembers me!! OMG!! I can't believe that! It's the first time someone remembers me. No, it's the first time someone I really, really like remembers me. Usually the guys are too drunk to remember their names, so my face it's too much of a trouble! But this guy, which from this moment on I will love forever and ever, remembers me! OMG! Of course he didn't see anything from my excitement (thank God for the poor lighting in the clubs!) and all he could hear from me was a very light : "Yes. And you are the Cuban guy."
"Oh, tu puedes hablar espanol, no?"
Damn it. I barely remember how to talk in English when I look into his eyes, Spanish is an impossible thing at the moment. So let's run the tape I usually run when I'm not that confident about my linguistic talent! "Si.. pero no mucho! Si quieres, puedes hablar espanol y yo te puedo contestar en ingles. Understood? I mean.. comprendes?" FUCK!
"Si.. Queria preguntarte, como te llamas!"
Yes, Yes, Yes... He asked me first!! I could say that this is the first time a guy asks me my name. It seems that I am that type of girl that chases guys. Well, it won't happen anymore. From now on! NO MORE!! You hear me?? NOOO MORE!!!
"My name is Cata... Me llamo Cata." Hello.. This is not an idiot! Stop acting like you are talking with a donkey! Chose a language and stick with it!
"Cata.. that's a strange name. From where it comes"
"China. Kata from Karate.. Don't you see my Chinese roots. HAHAHA" OMG.. such a stupid joke! "From Catalina." I say in a serious tone with a big blush on my face. Which he probably didn't see because of the low lights. Again : Thank you God!
"Oh. We have this name in Cuba. I like it very much. My name is ...." and unfortunately, in this moment I heard the beat from one of my favorite R&B songs, so my brain went from "on Cuban" to "on MUSIC"! (And I think he said something like Enrique or Ernesto.. Can't really remember DAMN ME! DAMN ME!!!)
The good thing that came from the song was that my body went from "stick like" to "in the mood". Without realizing my waist was moving in the rhythm of the music and my hands were looking for the Cuban moves which I knew were hiding underneath the guy's suit. It's been a long time since I found someone who can keep up with me. I was used with the guys sitting like stone figures while I was running around them, let's say dancing. But this Cuban. WOW! 
He pulled me close to him and put his hands on my waist, controlling my moves. Of course my hands found his neck and I started touching the skin from the back of the head, his ears, his cheeks. As the song went by, we got closer and closer, my cheeks touched his cheeks, his hands went from my back to my neck, towards my waist, getting under my shirt (no kinky stuff! perverts!hahahaha). The people around us disappeared one by one, until we were alone with the music. The time got slower and slower, and the moves as well. I almost touched his lips and I realized that I really wanted to kiss him. So I raised my head and looked him in the eyes. My heart stopped for a moment. The world stopped in this moment. This was it. One second in an eternity. And a kiss. 

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