sâmbătă, 29 septembrie 2012

half half...

I am a true believer. I believe that there is a great soul in each and any one of us, but it's hard to find a good enough reason to show it. I believe that happiness comes with small things. I believe that there is someone for everyone. And I believe that there is a soul mate waiting for you right now... Or is it? We are surrounded by people that forgot how to be patient and they engage themselves into meaningless relationships only because they are scared to be alone.
Today, as I was having a philosophical discussion with myself, I realized that there is a possibility that my "half" gets bored of waiting for a sign from me and gets mixed with a wrong girl. DAMN HIM!! Anyway the problem is, what if he gets serious with this girl, because he is scared that he will never find me? And what happens if he decides to have a kid with this girl and gets married?? What happens with me??
It's a long time since i first start looking for a person to spend my life with (without any luck, of course). I'm not necessarily hunting the married life, but I'm hoping that one morning, many many years ahead, when i will have grey hair and an old face, someone will look at me and say "I'm grateful to wake up with ur face in front of my eyes".
But with all the indulging people around me, who prefer to wait for some feelings instead of going for the feelings, I am afraid that my dream is far away. I understand them on one hand, because it's terrible to wake up in an empty bed, in front of a single cup of coffee. But wouldn't it be more awful if instead of the loneliness u realize one day that u wasted too many years with the wrong person?
Of course, you will argue now the fact that as hunger comes with eating, feelings grow when u try to bond with someone. It's not a peculiar case to fall in love with someone that at first u couldn't stand, but what if by doing so u miss ur one true love? Then again, when u will know who is your true love? In these days when love come and goes so easily. There's no more waiting, feeling, loving with intensity. It's a "this wasn't made to be, let's find another one" or "there's plenty fish in the sea" world and I seriously don't know where I stand.

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