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A cuban fairy tale... in a romanian story!

The beat brings waves to my hips and with  my eyes closed I start moving with the rhythm. For the first time since I am here, the Norwegian crowd makes space and I can finally dance freely. Maybe is because I can do it so good when it comes to R&B. Maybe is because the guys told me earlier that I got the moves and now I reached a high level of confidence that everyone can feel. It doesn't matter. I just love to dance R&B!
As I am moving my body, I forget where I am and I get lost in the sounds, until I feel my hand pulled by someone. I turn around and I realize that my face is millimeters away from his face. HIS FACE! I remember why I came on the dance floor even tough I had just bought a beer. I was actually showing Marina the guy who blew my mind at the salsa party. And he is here. And he took my hand. And he is staring in my eyes as we speak. And I can feel his perfume. As a flash I remember the first time I saw him. 
I was for the first time at the salsa party. Oriana told me I would have a great time and even tough I didn't take salsa lessons she was sure that I can dance without any problems. As I was watching everybody dance on the Latin songs I was thinking that there's no way I could ever move like them. Let's take Oriana for example, you can instantly see that she has Latin blood in her veins. She moves like the dancers you can only see in movies. She shines. I could never shine like that. Not for the time being at least. At the request of my friend, one of the guys asked me for a dance and after a few moves he gave it up. Clearly I wasn't made to dance salsa. Or maybe I was made to dance salsa (I'm good at it... I know that) but I wasn't made to be lead by someone. That's for sure.
I was literally getting bored... until HE opened the door and stepped in the small place. My heart stopped for a few seconds. The brown skin, the big brown eyes, the fleshy lips, the black, with a shade of curly, hair ... He was perfect! If somebody would have seen me stare, they would have probably closed my mouth and cleaned the drool that was slowly dropping from it. As the time passed by I was trying to make me noticed, but it was close to impossible since a lot of girls were following him like bees follow their queen. Or fans follow Justin Beiber. Or flies follow... wait, this last one is not a good comparison!Of course, when he started dancing HE WAS UNBELIEVABLE. The confidence, the moves, the style. OMG!!!
Oriana told me something about asking him for a dance and it wasn't a bad idea. But every time I was getting close to him someone was stealing him. It seemed like I was chasing shadows. Or a man who is clearly too much for me. Because let's face it. He was in a place with a lot of beautiful ladies who danced Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and who knows how many other Latin styles. And among those beautiful ladies was me. A simple girl, that feels the moves... and I believe I was more than simple, since I didn't come with my skirt or something, I was wearing my usual jeans, with an usual top... cause I wanted to be comfortable. FUCK ME TENDER 'CAUSE I AM STUPID!!!
As the night passed, I actually danced a lot of salsa with a great dancer (I thank him a lot, cause he realized that leading me wasn't going to make me dance better! instead he lead me but permitted me to make my own moves as well. TUSEN TAKK) but even so, I still was watching my guy from far. As my dancer took 5 to have a glass of water, my guy came near me and for the first time since I saw him he was alone. Actually I think he came here(at the salsa place here.. so u don't get confused) with an older lady, but I am not judging so who cares! So I told myself the line I heard in a movie "Better 20 seconds of bravery than a life time of regret" and off I went towards my Brown guy.
Both of us realized that we knew and liked the song who's bells were clinking in the sound system. With a smile he softly took my hand into his and when the voice of the singer gave the start of the song... OH we danced. I smiled when I realized that he was firmly leading me. To the right, to the left, underneath his hands, in his back. When his hands were touching my back and my shoulders I was feeling my body lighter and lighter, as tough I was flying. I am sure we were perfect together. At least our dance was perfect. I didn't feel clumsy. I just felt the music and his hands. For 3 whole minutes I was the lead dancer of "Dance with me" and I was having near me my man!
Of course, the song ended and so did my perfect world, cause after a short conversation in which he told me he was a cuban (oh, that's why he was so sexy!), he left with the old lady. 
That happened almost one month ago. And now he is here... a few millimeters away from my face!!

To be continued...

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