vineri, 13 iulie 2012

Cata ... back in town!

It's been a while since I last wrote my stories here, but with the change of landscapes, i think I lost my sense of humor. Or my mojo. Or my adventurous side. Or just my writing skills. 
Or at least i thought I did, cause tonight, I realized that I really want to share something with the few people that are still reading something here. What do I want to share? Well, what else but my misfortune in the love area. 
I arrived in Romania on the 5th of June. Two days later, with my heart broken (because I miss all my international friends!), I watched the trees passing by, as I was approaching Brasov, my soul city. Seeing my friends, talking with them and being surrounded by the familiar places was supposed to make me feel better, but instead I was sinking in what seemed to be a very bad depression! Until the first clubbing night. 
"I forgot how small this place was" I was thinking while I was sitting in the uncomfortable couch. "And I must have forgotten how the romanian guys looked like" and with a whine I moved my head from the guys sitting on the surrounding chairs at the glass of Tequila waiting quietly for me. 
2 Tequilas and a couple of beers later, my world was a better place. The music was loud, the rhythm was inviting and the people were dancing like minions sent from a cartoon! They clearly needed my professional dance help! HAHAHA!! 
Of course, when I got up from the couch, the floor was moving like it was an earthquake, but who cared? Not me! The YMCA moves required some concentration so I tried not to give a damn about the moving objects around me. Moments later, a guy came and took me for a dance. I was actually glad, cause that meant that I wasn't so unappealing. After the song finished, another guy came to take me for a spin. That was strange. It must have been a good night for me. When the third guy appeared I was shocked! I went to the bathroom to see what the hell was happening to me. Don't get me wrong, I don't see myself the ugly duck or something like that, it was just that I wasn't in my best shape, I was more like a wreck. But still, having guys asking for a dance is kind of good for one's mojo! :D. IUHUUUU!
When I arrived from the bathroom, the guys (yes, all three of them) put me in between them and started dancing with me one after the other. This wasn't the strangest thing. The strangest thing was when each of them tried to kiss me. SERIOUSLY!!! WHAT THE HELL! 
It's not like they were ugly or something. I can't actually tell you that, since I don't remember any of their faces, but seriously... WHAT THE FUCK!! I instantly remembered that I came home with the plan to find my "one true love", "my soul mate" or at least one guy who I can stand and who can stand me and try to share a flat, a bank account and a dog. And I come home to THIS!! Well, they said "Be careful what you wish for" and they were more than right! 
I pushed two of them away without any problems, but the third one was kind of persistent. What could I do. My first weekend here and guys were jumping on me? PERFECT!! Just fucking perfect. My liquor vanished for a few seconds and my mind tried to find a way out of this situation... and that was :
When he pushed his lips towards my head, I turned it and let him kiss my cheek. I took his face with my palms, kissed his cheek as well, gave him a big hug and told him in the sweetest voice ever : "Don't worry, you will find the right person for you soon!", turned and left him standing like a stunned statue in the middle of the dance floor. He probably had his mouth wide open with astonishment... but who cared :P.
Yes, some of you might say that I lost some good opportunities, some others may say that I did very good what I did... I think... that they didn't have what they needed in order to receive my kiss. :P

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