joi, 12 ianuarie 2012

Fun Fact : good girls over bad boys!

I bet a lot of you ask yourself why are good girls going after the bad guys (for example why doesn't a girl care about the line 'I did a lot of bad thing in my life'..), well this is why :  
1. The guy is really good looking and that usually erase a lot of bad things that one can do;
2. Bad things... what is the actual definition of bad? Because in some cases things can't be as bad as they sound. Except murder and rape. Well, there is only one excuse that can rule out the murder exception : if the guy is a vampire. And if the guy is a awesome vampire he actually doesn't have the fault for all the blood sucking. Hunger is hunger!
3. Why would a bad guy say that he did bad things? He must have a very good soul because he thinks that the girl should know that he isn't a saint. Who is a saint? Let the first one throw the rock!
4. OK. He really is a bad person. He treats others like shit. But when he is with you, he is a little bit different. He doesn't yell so loud, he doesn't get into a fight as often. I bet you are the one to change him. You can make him a better person. Challenge accepted!
5. I have the baddest boy around town.  I'm cool!!

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