vineri, 3 iunie 2011

When the beer gets out of hand, the words do the same!

no doubt - i'm just a girl

 If you don't understand any of the things written here, well, feel free to ask anything :)))

When things get complicated, clap your hands, take a deep breath and punch the sun of a ... who complicates them!
I'm a simple girl and I live a simple life. I hate pink, but I love Pink, I hate getting up in the morning, but I love smelling the morning air, I like cutting my hair, but I love waving it as soon as I hear the sound of Within Temptation's "Ice Queen". Sometimes I don't know what I want in life, but there's always someone that helps me find myself. Why am I telling you all this? Cause this is one of the few moments when i want to be honest. And this is one of those moments when I don't know where I am and I don't know where to ask for instructions. I lost my "What to do when there's no way out" handbook.
Maybe is the beer talking, maybe it's my time of the month, maybe is just who I am, maybe this is a coincidence and you are reading the wrong page, the truth is  that I need you in my life.
This is all for you! I need you to tell me that I'm great and that even if I say some stupid nonsense you understand me completely. You, the one that makes me see myself as the best there is. Some say that behind a great man is a smart woman, I say that behind a smart woman is a great fuck. :)) Joke. Let's get back to where I was.

Hey you! Missed me? I'm back! Back on the blog, back at my life, back at myself. I missed you too. Well... not just you, I missed your sugar free coffee, even if I love it with extra sugar, I missed your fake smile at my lousy joke, I missed your hand on my back and the ...

Will you marry me? Yes, I'm talking with you! I want to merry you. OK, not you, but your smile, your eyes, your mouth, your hands, your walk, your words, your everything. I want to live with them for the rest of my life! I want to get up in the morning and drink that lousy coffee that you are so proud of, I want to argue with you on how to make the bed or on where should my books stay, next to your video games or on top of them. I want to yell at you cause you never let me take my shower in the morning, and I want you to always come at me with your silly explication "it's your fault, cause I get naked when you take your bath". I want to look at my phone all day long and wait for that text where you tell me that you have a sexy client, just to make me angry. Cause you know how angry I get when you start with your female stories. I want to walk with you in the park, hand in hand, even if I hate it! Actually, I stopped hating it since I've known you. But I won't give you the satisfaction of telling you that, i know you'll get cocky.
That's not all, but I want to eat a cookie before I finish! Ah, it's not the greatest cookie  ever, but hey, you still can't remember that I hate vanilla!!! I hate you not remembering, but hey, you can't be perfect, no? If you like vanilla, but agree to see the movies I like, I won't get so cranky! Honest!

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