joi, 10 noiembrie 2011

some study, some stare, some asshhhhh!!

I never thought that studying could need so many hours spent in the library, so many books opened and so many brain cells. I mean, in Romania it doesn't seem so hard. Or maybe the fact that I love what I study there is making things easier? Anyway, I don't want to say anything about studies, but about the study place from the University.
I arrived here since 10am. Went to a course, but didn't quite paid attention to what the teacher had to say. Blame me or blame him for that. I would blame him if I were you (not because i don't want to blame me), because he sucks all the fun from the subject. I actually would have put my money on this course, but as time passed I realized that I would actually put my money on the lyric part of the subject. At last, the course finished and me and some colleagues went to our department's study room. Imagine leather couch, big projector that can be connected to any laptop, fridges, tables, black board, coffee machine... Any student's dream! Actually not any learning student's dream, more of any student's break time dream. 'Cause for study I need people around me that studies, otherwise I may as well stay at home and find something to waste time with! So, after doing some of the work, everybody wanted to go home. I didn't. So I choose to move my study to the library. Nothing wrong there. Except the only table that is available is actually near a...
Let me help u imagine near what! I was very concentrated to find an answer to a problem. I raised my eyes from the book to find a good place to stare at. The first thing i saw : an ass! Not just any ass. A man's ass! A naked man's ass! It belongs to a bronze statue that represents a naked man that kisses his naked girlfriend. Just stared a bit longer and I realized that u can see a little bit of her tit. At least I'm not at her side and I can stare at his ass :))). At the moment I forgot any solution I might have had. Guess I'll change this place. I don't want others to think I'm a stalker or something like that. Think it would be totally wrong to touch his ass on my way out? I already saw all the cracks =))).

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