joi, 22 decembrie 2011

Christmas is...

The smell of the fir tree, recently brought by my dad in the house and it's green color. 
The small lights surrounding the branches and spreading colorful rays.
The glossy globes that seem to float. Pucky playing with the globe from the last branch. 
My dad hugging my mom and telling her that he wants to taste the traditional food that is still on a small fire. 
My mom slapping his hand because he tastes it and after that he takes another spoon, and another and another... Just to be sure he got the right taste.
My brother making surprises for everybody and buying for me a perfume I usually hate :)). He getting upset and telling me that the next year Santa won't bring me anything. The next year he still loves me.
My sister screaming that somebody wake her up too early. Being cranky until I make a super joke. Even if it's about her, she laughs with all her heart. 
White snow, puffy and soft. A snow man that it's far from the ones u see in movies, but that it's perfect just because he has a special shape. 
The carols we sing watching the Christmas tree that shines in the room. My dad loves carols. My mom sings with us. Our precious family time.
Pretzels, nuts, apples. Candies, sweets, sponge cake. Family dinner, friends dinner. Loved ones.
The presents that wait for us under the tree. The waking up at 5am in the morning in order to see if you were as good as you thought. Childhood. Waiting for the bike and receiving the doll. Being as excited as before. Breaking the doll to soon. 
The city that shines. The lights you see everywhere. Angels, sleighs, reindeer, Santa Claus. 
The girl. The guys. My brother. My sister. Mom and dad. The people that matters.

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  1. Stiu.. Dar o sa am multe fraze lipsa Craciunul asta :((
    Sa speram ca voi gasi alte fraze care sa se alature listei de mai sus :P ...
    Craciun Fericit!! :*

  2. Craciun Fericit si tie!! :*
    Si la cat mai multe fraze :D